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MS Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, 2012/2008/2003 Server

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Thanks to everybody of the handy backup family.

Thanks to everybody of the handy backup family. This is my favorite backup program. Good work. Good job.

Scot .

Backup automatically at shutdown

Backup automatically at shutdown is the only reason I used Handy Backup! I note that there are a couple of other programs (out of several) that do it now but HB was the only one I could find in 2003 - thanks. Scheduled backups or at startup just do not make sense to me as a general home user - if I want my data protected then real time backup or at shutdown is all I can see as being useful (our PC's do NOT stay on all the time). Sorry, I needed to get this off my chest & thanks to you it has been addressed. PS - HB 4 had been giving trouble when multiple users were logged on in Win XP - hope v. 5.7 has sorted it out - otherwise that would be my only problem with HB. Hey, the many other great features of HB are appreciated but all I need is for a program to simply safeguard my data after I have finished working on it - thanks once again for a great & practical piece of software.

Sam, Australia .

I have used Handy Backup for a long time, it has helped me through three crashes, I find it to be reliable and easy to use.

Richard Alto .

Very good

Very good and complete backup system at the lowest price

Gianfranco Dancelli Managing Director Project Studio Italia Srl .

Well after installation it took no longer

Well after installation it took no longer than 10 minutes before I had my website backed up via FTP and a weekly scheduled backup was so easy to do. Took a while to find a program so easy/basic and to do what I wanted it to do. It is great, keep up the good work. Many thanks.

Phil .

It works with Novell 5.x mapped drives even

It works with Novell 5.x mapped drives even, no problems there. Great, affordable product!

Paul .

I love your product.

I love your product. It's affordable, does everything I need it to do, and will continue to buy. Keep up the good work!

Erik Rodriguez Orlando Tech Works, LLC.

Thank you, good product

Thank you, good product we can depend on.

Mcainternet inc. Mcainternet inc..

It's an excellent program

It's an excellent program, I have used it for several years and before that I struggled with all different sorts of backup software, none of them did what Handy Backup could do. I love it.

Stephen Barker Martinbrook Business Services.

Great software!

Great software! I have been using it successfully for years

Marcus .

This is a great product

This is a great product! I have remote users with workstations that need to be backup'd regularly to my FTP server in the office. Your product allows it to happen with little user intervention.

Leo Hernandez .

Handy Backup has great options for backup media.

Handy Backup has great options for backup media. It is easy to use and does a great job.

Kenny Zellner .

Good product

Good product, SFTP functionality is what made me purchase this particular one--most inexpensive backup products don't offer it.

Giles .


I have used other 5 or 6 backup programs, such as Nero Back-It-Up, Maxtor Retrospect or Genie Backup Manager, but none is so USER-FRIENDLY, so COMPLETE or so MANAGEABLE as HANDY BACKUP! Congratulations!

Luis Filipe Ferrand d'Almeida Freelance Portuguese Translator.

Great product.

Great product. In testing I found it far superior to other alternatives and have decided to recommend Handy Backup above all other backup products to my clients.

Conrad Smith. CSET Technologies..

This is a good product, i think. it works very well.

Colin .

In one word

In one word: The best software. I had my friends buy it because it's easy and fast to use.

Chuck .

Handy Backup gives us the best of both worlds

Handy Backup gives us the best of both worlds: low price and rock solid features we need. There is no reason NOT to have handy backup!

Erik Rodriguez CEO, Orlando.

A much better

A much better solution then waiting until you have a drive problem and then paying thousands of dollars to a data retrieval company. I'm sold!

California PopTop California PopTop.

Very pleased with the ease and simplicity of use

Very pleased with the ease and simplicity of use. Very user friendly!

Best. Scott McLean. Black Diamond Engineering.

It is a great program for small business

It is a great program for small business whereas they can have a good backup solution that does not require any interaction with removable media if desired.


Very good software tool which makes my everyday a lot easier.

Andy .

This is one of the best

This is one of the best, user friendly, and economical back up software that I have ever used.

George Sachs President & CEO Acme Metals & Recycling, Inc.

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Handy Backup Standard 39 Kaufen Download

Das Handy Backup Standard Programm enthält den ganzen Feature Satz für das Outlook Backup, Outlook Express Backup, Windows Registry Backup, ICQ Backup, sowie für die Sicherung von Favoriten- und Eigene Dateien-Ordner, von Fotos, Bilder und Musik, vom Email-Box-Inhalt. Mit Handy Backup können Sie leicht das Backup auf CD, FTP Backup, FireWire Backup oder USB Backup erstellen. Das Programm führt alle Operationen auf der Einzelbasis oder auf der planmässigen Basis durch. Die Funktionsvielfalt kann durch die freie Backup Plug-Ins erweitert werden. Neu! Das Handy Backup Standard Programm wurde erweitert und jetzt hat es ein DVD-Brenntool. Es ermöglicht Backup auf DVD, Blu-ray Backup, HD-DVD Backup mit Disc-Spannung und Nachprüfung.

Handy Backup Professional

Handy Backup Professional 99 Kaufen Download

Handy Backup Software ermöglicht die Datensicherung auf die Fernserver indem SFTP verwendet wird und das Backup im Windows Service Modus gestartet werden, das ganze HDD Image Backup durchgeführt wird, das das Betriebssystem, Treiber und alle Benutzerdaten beeinflusst. Das Programm ermöglicht das Backup auf DVD, CD, Blu-ray, HD DVD. ZIP Kompression hilft die Speicherkapazität zu steigern. Das Programm kann für die Synchronisation von Dateien und Ordner zwischen den Computern verwendet werden. Das Programm ist auch mit bezahlten Plugins ergänzt. Plugins: MS Exchange Server Backup, Lotus Notes Backup, Datenbank Backup , MS SQL Backup

Handy Backup Server 940 Kaufen Download

Handy Backup Server verwendet die entwickeltsten und modernsten Technologien für Datensicherung. Handy Backup Server schützt effektiv wichtige Daten, die auf dem Server sowie auf den Computern der Kunden gespeichert sind. Backup Software browst die Target-Directories in Echtzeit, kopiert die Kundendateien, verpackt sie und speichert die Reservekopien auf die gewünschten Speichereinheiten. Alle Operationen werden im Hintergrund ohne irgendwelche Benutzerunterstützung durchgeführt. Volle Automatisierung des Backup-Vorgangs verringert die Kosten, steigert die Effizienz und minimiert die Gefahr des Datenverlustes.